Telugu Nostalgic Movies You Need to Watch In 2023

Telugu movies are some of the best movies that you can choose to watch during your spare time. Whether you like watching movies or not, Telugu movies are a real treat, and you will love watching the latest movies.

But to watch the latest Telugu movies, you need to subscribe to a top OTT site. On a Telugu OTT channel, you can watch the latest movies such as Colour Photo, Malik, Khaidi and many more. In this guide, you will learn more about these Telugu movies in detail.

Top Telugu Nostalgic Movies

Some of the top Telugu nostalgic movies that you can choose to watch are as follows:

  • Colour photo

This is one of the best Telugu movies you can watch with friends and families. The director of this movie is Sandeep Raj, and the cast includes ChandiniChowdary, DivyaSripada, Suhas, Viva Harsha and many more. This is one of the latest romantic drama movies that you can choose to watch, and there are various unique things about this movie.

The story revolves around Jayakrishna and Deepthi, who are engineering students but have different backgrounds. But though there are differences in their upbringings, they begin to love each other. This is one of thelatest Telugu movies that is based on conflicts due to discrimination of rich, poor and colour.

This movie has various emotional scenes, and every actor delivers their roles properly. This is a classic example of true love winning despite hatred, differences and whatnot. There are multiple things you can learn in this movie, and this is a movie you can watch with your partner and other family members.

  • Khaidi

This is one of the best action/thriller movies made in Telugu cinema, and the director of this movie is LokeshKanagaraj. The music is great in this movie due to the efforts of the wonderful music director Sam C.S. The cast of this Telugu movie includes Arjun Das, Karthi, Black Sheep Deepthi, Narain and many more.

This is a unique Telugu movie that has a great story. The story of this movie revolves around Dilli, an ex-convict who looks to meet his daughter for the first time after serving prison. But his truthful attempts get interrupted due to a police inspector that forms the rest of the story. The convict remains in prison for around ten years, and the movie beautifully captures the emotions behind it.

Compared to the topTelugu romantic movies, this is also a good action-thriller movie that leaves a meaningful message to the audience. All the actors in this movie performed their roles to the best of their abilities, and people praised this movie a lot. Numerous suspense and thrilling scenes make this movie even better.

  • Malik

This is a 2021 political thriller and drama movie directed by Mahesh Narayan. This Telugu movie has a great cast line-up that includes FahadhFaasil, MeenakshiRavindran, NimishaSajayan and many more. The story is unique, and you can watch this movie on top OTT sites such as aha.

The story of this Telugu movie revolves around an individual named Sulaiman, who raises his voice against corruption in his coastal village. Due to this incident, he becomes a popular figure in his area, but he has a nephew who is always jealous of his achievements. The estranged nephew looks to plot to bring his downfall in the worst possible way.

There is a political drama movie, and there are various things to look for in this movie. The main protagonist wants to see development in his coastal area, and this is the reason why he raises his voice against corruption. This is the base of the movie from which the rest follow. If you want to watch a Telugu movie that is exciting and meaningful, this is the movie to watch.

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